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Dec 25, 2017

Nine Powerful Lessons Learned:

  1. Invest in your learning
  2. Invest in experiences
  3. Invest time with people that matter
  4. Get in good mind set
  5. Plan everything
  6. Take actions
  7. Grow every single day
  8. Inspire people around you
  9. Don’t Hesitate To ask

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Dec 17, 2017

In her mid 20’s Lena Kay found herself living in a homeless hostel, depressed, overweight with a brain tumour and living on benefits. Suicidal thoughts became prominent at one point of time in her life. She thought her life has no meaning to be alive. She never thought she could come out of that trap of her...

Dec 11, 2017

Dr. Divya Negi Ghai left her decade long job as academician to pursue her passion in writing and empowering young people. She got stuck for a while when she was making this change. She was confused whether to get back to job that she didn't loved anymore or start on completely new journey.

Dr. Divya's book Stop Fooling...

Dec 4, 2017

When she needed the most Gemini’s father left her for forever when she was 16. Responsibility of not only taking charge of her own life but also to earn bread for family came to her shoulder. It was not easy for her to fight the challenge life has thrown but she managed to come to the next side of it by overcoming...

Nov 27, 2017

When he was 18, Dr. Sukhi Muker after severe three-day drug binge almost pulled the trigger of loaded gun to kill himself. That was the lowest point he has ever been in his life. He never thought he’d ever come out of drug addiction, violence and crimes at that point. But with strong desire to heal his own brain and...